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In addition to our specialist activities which will allow you to generate traffic, increase your turnover or build up an Optin database, we can also offer you a number of exclusive solutions.


Wanting to integrate your flight pricing offers into a 100% ROI-oriented model? With our WebMasTravel solution, discover the alliance between affiliation and a comparator to boost your sales.

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Wanting to recover your incomplete shopping carts or forms? Thanks to our Retargeting technology, benefit from a proprietary technology that is uniquely positioned on the market.

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Wanting to adapt your offers to clearly identified population segments and/ or manage the demands placed on Internet users? Our deduplication tool offers a unique, 100% secure process.

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Wanting want to collect new leads? Coregistration is an Optin e-mail address acquisition method that uses an interactive mechanism.

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Wanting to increase your sales? Our adFActory solution transforms the advertising area into an integrated trading space within the affiliates’ websites.

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Prime Cookie

Wanting to be fairer in the attribution of your sales? Opt for the prime cookie and favour affinity websites.

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Collecting Fan

Needing a quick and easy way to increase the number of fans subscribing to your Facebook page? You can rely on our Collecting Fan solution and on the power of our affiliate network to convert the Internet user into a Fan in just one click.

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White Label

Wanting to offer affiliates the opportunity to integrate some or all of your content? Benefit from TimeOne – Performance’s proprietary White Label technology.

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Wanting to increase the traffic in your sales outlets? Spread the news about an offering available in-store? Support a product launch or sell stocks of goods?
With Drive2Retail, you can generate traffic in the sales outlet … via the Internet!

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Call Tracking

Wanting to measure the number of Internet users that contact your Call centre via affiliation? Looking to make calls to your Call centre your main goal in affiliation? If so, you can rely on our Call Tracking solution to track your calls!

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Skins Doctors

Wanting a more attractive and harder-hitting promotional campaign, with payment exclusively according to the results? Discover SkinsDoctors: the leading 100% performance-based skinning service!

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Wanting to increase the number of downloads of your mobile applications? Thanks to our innovative multi-channel solution, use the power of affiliation to facilitate the downloading of applications onto Smartphones!

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