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AliExpress in English


AliExpress is a famous online retailer offering a large range of products at wholesale prices.

AliExpress is opened on a large number of English speaking markets such as South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana, Tanzania, United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and many others.

AliExpress now offers more than 100 million products delivered worldwide, allowing you to offer your users a wide range of quality products at a very attractive prices with free shipping. 400.000 parcels are shipped everyday thanks to AliExpress

You can now find these products the following categories :

Categories Commission
rate Mobile phone 2% Computer peripherals 2% Tablets 2% Desktop 2% Laptop netbooks 2% Home audio& video equipment 2% External storage 2% Internal storage 2% Mobile phone accessories 7% Interior accessories 7% Garden supplies 7% Women's clothing 7% Men's clothing 7% Children's clothing 7% All other categories 5%
Start advertising now and get great payout conditions!

• Payout : 7%, Premium payout avaible in exchange of extra pushes, don't hesitate to send us your proposal
AliExpress offers the following advertising possibilities:

- Generic Banners
- Text Links for all categories
- XML Feed / API
- Deeplinks creation Have a great campaign with AliExpress and TimeOne !
AliExpress program is a worldwide program also available for these languages : French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch.

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