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Rosegal EN


Rosegal is an online store offering clothes and accessories with a retro look for everyone: dresses, watches, rings, watches, jewelery, bags ...   Rosegal also offers an important catalog for large sizes allowing everyone to enjoy the look they want.   Our partnership with Rosegal invites you to share the trend of vintage fashion around the world with considerable revenue potential.   There is no cap limit and no "target" requirement for thea minimum sale at a minimum. This is a real opportunity for you to maximize your income.   All channel are allowed   The promotional elements (banners + text links) are now available on the publisher platform and promotional offers will be communicated throughout the year. Remunerations are as follows and its very interesting for new
customers until July 1st   New customer: 14% Former customer: 13%   From 2 July the remuneration will be the following and always extremely interesting: New customer: 14% Former customer: 7%   Feel free to sign up to maximize your income!  

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