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Three values govern the day-to-day activities of the TimeOne – Performance teams: quality, support and innovation.
They act as our guidelines. We are convinced that peak performance can only be achieved if these three values come into play!


TimeOne – Performance offers a top-of-the-range service with the ability to support Key Account customers. For this type of clientele, we have the power to implement tailor-made programmes thanks to our team of performance marketing specialists and our technical flexibility.

Furthermore, we also have a network of affiliates that are selected upon entry to the platform and then on a programme-by-programme basis. For TimeOne – Performance, a high-quality network goes hand-in hand with the “quality” focus that we employ on the customer side.


Staying close to our advertisers (and our affiliates) is another of our core values. Upstream of a project, and then at each of its stages, we provide advice and recommendations that will guarantee the most effective campaigns. As a trusted third party, we are always listening to feedback from our network and are committed to transmitting their needs and expectations to the advertisers.


Innovation has underpinned our products and services since our earliest days. TimeOne – Performance offers innovative solutions that anticipate the developments in its market, based on a powerful, 100% proprietary technology. We were one of the pioneers in the contextualisation of advertising visuals via the adFactory technology, in retargeting adapted to the performance-based system, in intelligent tracking for higher affiliate remuneration and in the deduplication of databases for e-mailing. Thanks to our R&D team of more than 15 people, we are already preparing for our next innovations and our OSEO Entreprise Innovante label (a Quality label recognising innovative companies, awarded by the French innovation and SME support agency) was renewed at the end of 2011.