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TimeOne – Performance has 80 employees and associates.

Nearly 50% of our staff are assigned to the operational management of our customers and work in close collaboration with our affiliates. All our Partnership Managers have Internet experience (advertiser/agency/platform) and operate in four specialist departments: Acquisition, E-commerce, Publisher and Coregistration.

Our R&D technical team consists of people with backgrounds as Web access developers. Thanks to them, our technological platform is maintained at a high level of performance, the specific developments required by advertisers and affiliates are integrated and the new functionalities demanded by advertisers and affiliates are developed and implemented. Not forgetting their abilities to design and create the best delivery solutions!

Our Sales team, consisting of more than 10 people, is dedicated to advising our clients. Organised into 2 divisions: direct advertisers and media agencies, our sales team provides specific strategic recommendations, based on their specialist business and other expertise, with a view to making a real success of our clients’ affiliation strategies.


TimeOne – Performance… When they were young, they were already preparing for the challenge. Today, they’re in charge and loving it!

  • Sylvain GROSS

    Sylvain GROSS

    Public-Ideas’ co-founder and CEO, Sylvain has over 10 years of experience in online marketing. His role consists of developing Public-Ideas’ business in a structured manner. Sylvain participates in the company's development projects on a daily basis, allowing Public-Ideas to gain new market shares.

    Before founding Public-Ideas in 2005, Sylvain worked as Customer Relationship Manager for crmmetrix - a company specialising in measuring customer relationships on the Internet. In this post, he was responsible for the monitoring and management of Key Account Customers with the aim of ensuring the optimisation of their return on online investments. He was also involved in prospection, the development of commercial solutions and recommendations, in addition to the creation and launch of innovative e-business solutions.

    Sylvain is a graduate in marketing from the University of South Florida in the United States and the EM Normandie school of management. He also holds an Advanced Master’s degree in Interactive Marketing and Communication from the ESC Amiens business school.

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  • Pierre RONDELLI

    Public-Ideas’ co-founder and Consulting Director, Pierre delivers in-house training to the teams on all issues and new business practices, both technical and sector-specific. He also collaborates with the Technical Division in his capacity as a Business Expert. In addition, he is the Coordinator of the Vacanceo project – the leading online travel website – that Public-Ideas acquired in 2010.

    Concurrently, in 2003, he created and now manages, a company specialising in publishing websites and developing the profitability of advertising spaces through affiliation.

    Pierre began his career in 2001, as the Affiliation and Traffic Manager at Planfax /, and then as International Reporting Analyst at Havas in 2002. He holds a BA Honours degree in European Marketing from Leeds Metropolitan University and a Marketing-Sales degree from EM Normandie business school.

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  • Fabien BARBAUD

    Fabien joined Pierre and Sylvain in 2006, bringing with him his 10 years of expertise in Web application programming. As Public-Ideas’ Technical Director, his role consists of managing the technical team and determining the technical choices. His main involvement is in Research and Development on strengthening the company’s competitive advantage in terms of its technological platform.

    Previously – from 2000 to 2006 – he worked as Project Manager for the WDesign company that he created, specialising in Internet communication. In this capacity, he was responsible for managing Internet and mobile Internet projects, managing technical teams and developing Web applications in PHP/MySQL in different business sectors, including affiliation.

    He holds a Master's degree in Internet Project Management from the IUP Commerce et Distribution Lille II. He also holds a degree from the Toulouse Institut International de Commerce et Distribution.

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