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TimeOne – Performance la performance a visage humain


TimeOne – Performance specialises in performance marketing. We offer innovative services in affiliation, coregistration and media campaigns. We cover the entire affiliation marketing value chain: strategic consulting and decision-making support, network management and the measurement of results.

TimeOne – Performance has very quickly established itself as a leading player in the affiliation landscape, thanks to our radical new approach to the field. We stand out from the competition due to our technological innovations and our services in terms of targeting, optimal integration into publishing sites and our resolutely qualitative approach.

Whether the objective is online sales, the acquisition of profiles or the optimisation of visibility or traffic, we manage programmes that operate on a 100% performance basis and guarantee control of the marketing result.


An international network

Thanks to our international teams and subsidiaries, we can conduct campaigns in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Benelux countries and Brazil. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the specificities of each local market, all our specialist teams can satisfy each country’s requirements at the local level.
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Expertise in key sectors

TimeOne – Performance also possesses historic expertise in key fields on the Web: Banking/Insurance/Finance, Beauty /Health, Retail, Travel / Leisure, Consumer Goods, etc.

A flourishing company

Created in 2005, TimeOne – Performance is a private company with 80% of its shares held by its founders, 19% by AXA Private Equity and 1% by a private investor. TimeOne – Performance’s achieved turnover of 34 million euros in 2014 (+15% vs 2013).
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TimeOne – Performance – Facts & figures

  • 1200 online programmes
  • 90 % of programmes managed on an exclusive basis
  • 90 % customer loyalty rate
  • 100 employees and associates
  • 10 years of existence