Public-Idées, We are retail specialist!

Public-Idées becomes
TimeOne – Performance !

After the creation in January 2016 of the TimeOne Group, Public-Idées has now become TimeOne – Performance!

TimeOne – Performance, at the crossroads between data, publishers and advertisers, offers highly original services including lead acquisition, revenue generation, dormant account reactivation and web user engagement.

Discover the TimeOne – Performance solutions.

Key figures for Public-Idées from 2005 to 2015:

  • March 2005Creation of the affiliation platform
  • January 200810,000 affiliates
  • December 201024 million euros in turnover
  • October 201250 staff members
  • December 201230,000 affiliates
  • September 201440,000 affiliates
  • December 201434 million euros in turnover
  • January 2015More than 100 staff members

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Public-Idées, We are retail specialist!
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